1. Crush

From the recording Crush



I was riding on the rim
Not sure where I was going
Or where I’d been
I was carrying around a dull blade
To try to cut through my hunger
Cut through my rage

And I was wondering if you and I could get together
I was wondering what you thought of me cause I
Can’t get you out of my head but it’s cool
Cause I don’t want to I like you there
I like you there baby

Ooh ooh ooh the minute I saw you I knew
I knew there was something I had to get to know
A little better baby
So I walked that fine line between
Liking and stalking
Did you ever know did you ever know
Did you ever notice me in the crowd smiling
Winking your way

Cause baby I think if we left oh we’d have a good time
And I think maybe the next day you wept I’d be there
To dry your eyes and I think maybe the next time
I see you I will have to control myself
I might have to just love you
All by myself

So I wonder will you call me back
I’d like to get to know you
I think we’d connect